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Magic Bag I - Laundry bag C6P001 with one layer of real silver

real silver for best results

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Magic Bag 1
Laundry bag with one layer of real silver for best results

Save money and use the 'magic bag' instead of a hygienic rinse that may cause skin and eye irritation.

The 'Magic-Bag' also protects delicate textiles from damage by hard objects such as zippers, buttons etc.

Size: ca. 20 x 30 cm

Silver has been used and valued by humans for about 7000 years. In fact, silver has at times enjoyed a higher market value than gold, despite it being about 20 times more common in the earth's crust than gold.

Here are some of the reasons.

One reason could be that our ancestors already knew about the valuableanti-bacterial, healing and general protective effects of silver. Very quickly, our ancestors also recognized that water held in silver containers stayed fresh much longer than would otherwise be the case.

For similar reasons, today's modern medicine also coats wound dressings and surgical instruments with quality silver. The silver ions which are released block the multiplication and spread of bacteria by complex and complementary interaction.

The silver material used in our 'Magic-Bag' is specially coated with real silver for this very same purpose. The silver unfolds its full effect even in clear cold water and you will be able to smell the effect by the complete absence of odour even when washing without laundry detergent.

Please note: Silver products will naturally discolor over time; this is not a quality defect. This is caused by oxidation of the silver. The oxidation does not reduce the antibacterial function of silver. Our products do not use Nano-Silver technology!


Composition: 50% PES 50% PA silver coated
Washing: 30C machine wash/gentle wash