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How to put on your tights

Vigorous tugging at the tights can cause damage. To be able to enjoy your tights for a long time it is important to follow the individual steps on how to put them on.


Because of the special features of support tights (strong support at the ankles and over the calf) they should be put on in several steps, preferably in sitting.


It depends of course on what compression grade the tights have. The higher the compression, the more ´difficult` it is to put them on.


Take off rings and any other jewellery on the hands. Make sure that hands and nails are smooth, or use hosiery gloves.

Pictures showing how to put the on the tights have been kindly made available to us by e-mancipate.net (now tights.fun)

Comfort4Men tights are unfortunately not yet shown here.
Step 1 
1. Unpack the panyhose with care.
Step 2 
2. Reap the pant leg to the tip, before you dress.
Step 3 
3. Put your leg carefully into the reaped pant leg.
Step 4
4. In order to enable your toes enough clearence, pull back the end of the pantyhose a bit.
Step 5
5. Unroll the pant leg constantly to your calf. Repeat the process on the other leg.
Step 6
6. Unroll the pant alternately in careful way.
Please take care, that the seams are raised until your strode.
There should be no air space between your skin and the pantyhose, to enable the highest comfort.
Step 7 
7. Finally, raise the pantyhose straight (smooth) until your hip or waist (according to the height of pantyhose).