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AMD Akademie Mode & Design

Pantyhose for men - a frequently discussed topic in the fashion industry - without assertive results. Therefore Comfort4Men supports young designers of the AMD in the following project, which is representing tights for
men in the thematic context.

Since tights were a men's garment in the Baroque era, the following theme was chosen:

Men's  tights - Baroque with inspiration from "The World of Velazquez"


How is design, fit and material of the tights supposed to be, to be accepted by both men and women.

The results are presented in the following series of images.

'Men's tights Baroque' is one part of the project 'The World of Velazquez'. When the project is finished, we will
link the AMD.
Products are not available for sale, but should serve as inspiration for future products. For this reason, we would appreciate your
feedback and suggestions on the subject.

By clicking on the numbers in addition to the images on the right, you can see all images.

Project result 1

Project result 2

Project result 3

Project result 4

Project result 5