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COMPRESSANA GoWell sock MED X-Static

pure silver for sensitive feet

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Fine special sock with silver fibres. Temperature regulating, antistatic, vein-friendly and reduces the growth of fungal and bacteria
in the laboratory test. With its flexible foot part, shaft and its non-constricting cuff MED X-Static is suitable for pressuresensitive
feet and various foot widths.

Suitable for diabetics, allergy sufferers, swellings, foot odour, foot perspiration, sore and temperature-sensitive
feet. Ideal for sensitive skin.

* grade 0-5. Grade 0: no bacterial growth, grade 1: growth only visible with the microscope. For comparison untreated cotton:
grade 5: massive growth, which covers the complete surface

** We recommend wearing inside out for maximum effect and highest wearing comfort. Thereby 100%
of the super-soft X-Static silver fibres operate directly on the skin and the seam of the hand linked toe lies
on the outside. If best look has priority, the socks can be worn turned outward without any problems.

64% Polyester
21% Cotton
8% X-Static Silver
4% Elastan
3% Polyamid


 silver grey      black




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