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warm tights in fashionable colors: 


Our latest products: 


Our latest offer:


Now also XXL products and new patterned tights


Elegant and functional:

 You can order product C455M also with airy gusset and silver gusset


Our latest products:

available colors: bordeaux, dark brown, anthracite, black


Our latest products:



Our latest products:


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Our latest products: 


Discount on our latest products until 8. April 2018


Our latest products:



  • C438M Comfort4Men Tights 60den melange/black dots
  • C445M Comfort4Men Thermal Legging 100den with fleece inside
  • Magic Bag I - Laundry bag C6P001 with one layer of real silver


Christmas discount on all products from Dec. 3th - Dec. 10, 2017. The dicsount is displayed in the shopping cart.

You can find also our newest products: 

  • C439M Comfort4en Tights 50den woven pattern
  • C440M Comfort4Men Tights 40den baroque design
  • C441M Comfort4Men Tights with cashmere and viscose


More patterned tights 

C436M Comfort4Men Tights 50den low waist
C436M Comfort4Men Tights 50den high waist
C437M Comfort4Men Tights 60den low waist
C437M Comfort4Men Tights 60den high waist


From now you will also find patterned tights:

C434M Comfort4Men Tights 50den low waist
C434M Comfort4Men Tights 50den high waist
C435M Comfort4Men Tights 60den low waist
C435M Comfort4Men Tights 60den high waist


Special offer
+++ Holiday & Traveling +++
While traveling you often have to sit for a long time and the risk of thrombosis increases - an unnecessary risk.
From a goods value of € 70, - you will get for free:
1 pair of Compressana Twist below-knee stockings in black colour - value: € 18.50
During the ordering process, a window called "comments" appears, where you can easily fill in your size.
Our offer is valid for orders until July 31th, 2017.
Have a safe trip and a nice and relaxing holiday.


Introductory offer 'two in one' silver string C433MS

We’re very proud of the new features and elegant design of our new 'two in one' silver string.

From now on until April 30th, 2017 you can buy our new 'Two in One' string at the introductory price.


colors: graphit and black

20% Christmas discount from December 17th until December 26th, 2016


Comfort4Men on AMAZON.COM

From now on we deliver popular products also directly out of stock USA via Amazon.com.

Your advantages:

  • Price in US dollar
  • Payment also by credit card possible
  • No customs fees
  • Free shipping
  • Fast delivery

This link will take you to our product on Amazon.com 



Cooperation Project 'Barock tights'


You can order all Luxury products now also with our pure silver gusset.

Following products you can also order with our airy gusset, as in our Air Pant C424M.


C428M Comfort4Men tights 20den, soft & robust, with run resistant technology

Available colors: skin and black


Now we offer also products for women. Discover seamless shapewear made by CETTE.


New products:

C427M Comfort4Men Luxury tights 60den velvety multifibre low waist

C427M Comfort4Men Luxury tights 60den velvety multifibre high waist 

Available colors: black and graphit


Many new functional products can be found in the categories:

Health Socks

Support Socks



We also offer now products for sports activities produced by O-Motion in Germany.


Pantyhose with medium support, inside Cotton, opaque.

C426M low waist
C426M high waist

Available in following colors:



Sharp edged or pointed objects can damage the knitting of your valuable stockings and tights.
In the
special bag they can be kept protected and transported. On journeys but also at home it
facilitates to keep order.


We deliver our most popular winter tights C405M now also in color


You get the following products from Fibrotex now also in 200den - ideal for the winter.

In addition, the color palette has many new attractive colors.


We have now also added in our Comfort4Men program support tights in opaque.


Our product range has been enlarged. Now you will find also a selection of COMPRESSANA products.

COMPRESSANA is a manufacturer of medical compression garments, highly fashionable support stockings and innovative accessories.

We also deliver now:


We also deliver now following products:

For more information just click on the link.


From now on we can also supply the following products:


To view these products directly please click on the link.



Our product range has been enlarged. Now you will find also a huge selection of




It gives us pleasure to announce following new products:


Following colours are available: skin and black

Following colours are available: navy, darkbrown and black

To view these products directly please click on the link.


We also deliver now following products in XL-sizes:


The following colours are available:


  • skin
  • black



Our product range has been enlarged. Now you will find also 280den Microfibre knee highs with support.


Following colours are available:


  • skin
  • black

Starting immediately, you will be able to order all our 40den / 70den / 140den pantyhose with support also in colour light brown.


We are very excited to announce our new 17den transparent tights C409M.

Less can be more!

Following colours are available:


  • skin
  • light brown

To get a detailed sight of the product just click on the above link and be forwarded

to Comfort4Men.

Spring also brings the fashion colour indigo into our range for 60den Luxury tights.


Please click on the link to lern more.



We also now deliver:

Knee highs with support

Winter tights with cotton

Pantyhose with strong support & warming

To view these products directly please click on the link.


It gives us great pleasure to announce our luxury ultra-smooth and velvety-soft tights C406M.

Comfort4Men luxury tights C406M

The following colours are available:

  • light grey
  • anthracite grey
  • black

To take a detailed look at the product just click on the picture above and you will be forwarded directly.


It isn t just our tights that are worth being equipped with our *Comfort4Men* comfort-insert.

We have also expanded our product range and can offer you two more first-class products.


To view these extraordinary new designer products directly please click on the following link:

Motorcycle base-layer pant

Seamless Designer pant


Spring also brings colour into our range, so we have expanded our color selection, for:

70den Tights C405M opaque - Soft (low waist)

Now you can also order the following colours:

    • natur
    • indigo
    • kobalt
By clicking on the colour selection box, you will see the item in your desired color.

At the request of many customers, we have now also included tights without support in our collection.
Allow us to surprise you and use the following links to view our products directly .


Shipping rates

We are pleased to inform you that our shipping rates for zone 2 and zone 3 could be reduced. For more information please have a look on our Shipping rates.


New Products

Our product range has been enlarged. Now you will find also socks, knee highs and travel knee highs made by Kunert and Julius Kunert.



Tights/Pantyhose 40 Denier

We also now offer 40 Denier Tights/Panythose with light support. Please have a look.


International retailer

We are proud to inform you that Shapings Inc. (one of the biggest international retailer of hosiery) carries our Comfort4Men

tights and pantyhose in their range. Shapings Inc. will sell our products to Non European Countries.

Please click on the following links.





Tights with a fly opening

We offer the option of a fly opening on all our tights. You can choose between fly or no fly.


EU countries

Currently we deliver free of charge for an order value of ¬ 160.00 or more to the following EU countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Great Britain (incl. Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey), Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores, Madeira), Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, Canary Islands), Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus