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Silver Textiles

Men now wear silver in a place you never thought of

Comfort4Men, the specialist for innovative, functional and fashionable accessories has now fitted the special, high-comfort pouch already known from other sassy models with silver containing fabric. For good reasons: Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals. It cools if it gets too hot - and creates an excellent temperature for sperm health. It is common knowledge that the best temperature for sperms is some degrees below the body temperature. The fashionable, elegant and anatomical design of the pouch makes this possible.

It is possible that wearing Comfort4Men underpants fitted with a fabric containing precious metal ensures your potency or even increases it. "The term potency is often misinterpreted. From a medical point of view potency refers to the mobility of the sperms." That this mobility depends on temperature has been the subject of scientific studies and proved to be true at numerous occasions. The sperm count is best at a temperature about 1 to 2 degrees below the body temperature. In our modern industrial society the fit of garments is often too tight and, in consequence, to warm for a man's sperms. Extended sitting in the office, car or airplane, possibly with a laptop on your knees and a smart phone in the pocket of your pants, may have a negative impact on sperm quality.
In order to prevent scrotal hyperthermia which may lead to a decrease of fertility, men living in hot countries often do not wear any underwear under loose fitting pants or sarongs as, for example, in Samoa or Myanmar. In the Western world Comfort4Men now introduces a pouch consisting of silver containing fabric as a contribution to maintaining or improving a man's physical well-being.

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